Sunday, April 12, 2015

A New Lease

In the past two years, I have lived in short spurts of activity. It began when I made the difficult decision not to pursue a graduate degree just a week before the start of term. I had to scramble to find a summer job, because I had planned to be studying instead of working during 2013. A friend came through for me and not only set aside hours for me at her summer camp, but told me to interview for an open position as the director of the local teen center. The position began immediately, and I was blessed to begin working with the children of my hometown once again.

In the autumn of 2013, I began an internship at Old Sturbridge Village, and worked there through the end of the year. I forged some meaningful new relationships with my fellow history buffs, but 
I also faced challenges with the interpretive process in such a large organization. While at Sturbridge, I was reminded that history and teaching were my two passions, and made up my mind to find a job as a museum educator. Two short months later, I was hired at Strawbery Banke Museum as a camp coordinator, interpreter, and museum teacher. It has now been a year since my first days at Strawbery Banke. I recently became the museum's Roleplaying Coordinator, and I hope that the program will grow and flourish under my direction.

In the past year, I have moved out of my childhood home, leased my first apartment, enjoyed countless days exploring my new home, run a number of camp programs, worked weekends and special events, gone on dates (not so bad), experienced one relationship (not so good), made new friends, reconnected with old friends, traveled to new places, become a bird watcher, had my first cavity, dealt with bouts of depression, continued to pay student loans, focused on advancing my career, been motivated to improve my personal habits, talked with God, considered my future, and dreamed of days to come.

Just a week ago, I signed a lease for a new apartment. It will be the first time I have lived on my own, and it is an exciting prospect. I hope that through this coming year I can use this opportunity to resolidify my faith, establish a lifestyle befitting of a young Christian woman, and reflect on the parts of my life that are most important to me.