Sunday, May 13, 2012


Seven Things that Scare Me:
  • Plane rides
  • Big changes
  • Deep water
  • Heights
  • Being alone
  • Popping balloons
  • Dangerous behavior

Seven Things I Like:
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Animals
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Organizing
  • Adventuring

Seven Random Facts About Me:
  • I have a tendency to be allergic to perfumes, soaps, plants, lotions, chemicals, and other things that touch my skin.
  • One of my favorite things to do is sing. I have been performing in choirs, musicals, and school showcases since I was a toddler.
  • Before the 2008 presidential election, I personally met and shook hands with every major Democratic candidate (benefits of living in New Hampshire!)
  • I have been to Europe twice in my 22 years. When I was six weeks old, my mom took me to Switzerland on a business trip. When I was 17, I traveled to France with my school.
  • I love to do genealogical research. Since beginning my research in 2006, I have added nearly 2,000 people to my family tree.
  • There are many things that I like to collect. Most people only have one or two collections, but I have dozens. I love seaglass, heart-shaped stones, tea paraphernalia, pottery sherds, antique cookbooks, vintage sewing materials, paper cranes, houseplants, campaign buttons, etc.
  • I spent a summer working at a Boy Scout camp in the equestrian program. There were 12 horses that we trained, cared for, and used for lessons.

Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die:

  • Travel to my ancestral homelands: Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, England, and Ireland
  • Own a self-sustaining farm
  • Live beside the Atlantic Ocean
  • Get married to someone I adore
  • Have children
  • Become a well-known expert on experiential history
  • Make a significantly positive impact on the world around me

Seven Things I Can Do Well:
  • Sew
  • Bake
  • Cook
  • Sing
  • Write
  • Care for others
  • Love

Seven Things I Can't Do But Wish I Could:

  • Play an instrument really well
  • Be an Olympic athlete
  • Live in Narnia
  • Pay off all my student loans
  • Apparate & Disapparate
  • Marry Josh Groban ;-)
  • Become a celebrated singer & appear on Broadway

Seven Phrases I'm Known to Use:
  • "Good grief."
  • "What on God's green earth...?"
  • "Holy Moley!"
  • "FALSE!"
  • "Whaaaaattttt....?"
  • "Let's roll."
  • "Gee whiz."

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