Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick Update

Since the end of summer camp, my schedule has been somewhat less regular. It has taken me a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Hopefully I'll return to posting on a regular basis soon, but in the meantime, here are some of the things that I've been up to:

A good friend from school was encamped with her French and Indian reenacting group a few towns away from me. I joined her for a day of campfires, folk dancing, and 18th century bliss.

I have been sewing like mad once again. In addition to my own projects, I have also begun a little service for those in town who need a seamstress. So far, it is going well.

Harvest time in the garden! At least 8 lbs of potatoes in this basket.

My sister joined me for an evening concert in the park near our house. A few days later, she left for a semester studying in Spain!

Pickling time! 12 quarts of Kosher dill pickles in one day. Phew.

Pickles and jelly make for a very productive day.

After months apart, I was reunited with two of my best friends from school. We enjoyed a weekend complete with Ethiopian cuisine, a swing dance outside of Boston, pedicures, and an afternoon at the seacoast.
Looking forward to another few weeks of lovely adventures!

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