Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Morning

Outside my window- The sun has risen on another bright winter day. Frost covers the neighborhood, and woodsmoke rises from chimneys up and down the street.

I am thinking about-
Having a relaxing day baking with my dear sister-friend Emily.

From the kitchen- I need another cup of tea. PG Tips is too wonderful to go without.

I am creating-
A multitude of winter "use-it-up" projects. Including a rag rug, quilted potholders, and a few new dresses for swing dancing.

I am reading- Too many books to count! Let's see-- A Year of Living Biblically, Captivating...

I am hearing- Slippers on the floor, utensils in the kitchen, creaking of wicker chairs, and chirping from my little bird.

I am planning-
To take a shower, bake for most of the day, then work on sewing projects until I have to run errands this evening.

I am wearing-
My pajamas still! Flannel green pants, blue moccasins, and an old red sweatshirt that I got in Acadia National Park when I was eleven. Back then, it was down to my knees, but now it fits me perfectly.

My hair is-
An absolute mess. I brushed it into a high ponytail last night, and when I woke up, it was snarled and curly and frizzy. I need to give in and wash it with conditioner today :-P

Around the house-
There are piles of uneaten Christmas candy, new magazines and newspapers, knitting projects, winter boots, garden seeds to be catalogued for the 2012 season, graduate school applications, history books to be read for my thesis, bags of Boy Scout paperwork and handbooks, and all kinds of holiday thank-you cards ready to be sent out.

I am praying- That the Lord will continue to help me make progress in my life and live each moment as it happens. I pray that He will help me enjoy the blessings that I have today, and not dwell on dark times in the past.

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