Saturday, April 21, 2012

This may come as a shock, but...

With all the political uproar surrounding human rights in America, I feel that I must make myself clear about my personal beliefs. Firstly:

I identify as a Christian. But I do not subscribe to a specific sect of Christianity because I find that Christian philosophy is just one aspect of my spiritual self. I do not believe that Christianity is the "one true religion" or the "only way to salvation", because I think that truth reveals itself to each person in a different way. For instance, I find truth in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. But I also find truth in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., the wisdom of the Buddha, and the Zodiac. My faith and spirituality are my own. No one should be able to tell me if my soul is "saved" or not, because ultimately the God which I believe in is the judge of my soul. I do not condemn others, even if they do not share my faith. Jesus taught the Golden Rule-- to love others as you love yourself. This rule translates across all faiths, cultures, and beliefs.

I identify as a political Liberal. It is a source of constant amazement to me that people believe Christianity and Liberalism to be mutually exclusive. I believe in fair and equal opportunity for all people. Isn't that what Jesus wanted as well? He taught His followers to pray for God's "kingdom [to] come, [His] will be done on earth as it is in heaven." How are we to create a heavenly kingdom on earth if we cannot treat each other with respect and love? Humans are humans no matter their sex, age, gender, race, culture, faith, class, ability, sexual orientation, or interests. Limiting human rights should not be the role of anyone, much less a government which bases its existence on premises of liberty.

Despite my strong self-identification as both a Christian and a Liberal, I do not believe that a person should be classified by one identity or another. Therefore, I have listed the many other complex things by which I am identified. Keep in mind that any one of these things cannot fully describe who I am, so look at me in the entirety of my personal identities.

I am:
  • a feminist
  • a woman
  • the descendent of immigrants
  • an American
  • a student
  • a nurturer
  • an historian
  • a seamstress
  • a gardener
  • a lover of nature
  • a sister
  • a daughter
  • a niece
  • a granddaughter
  • a friend
  • silly
  • clumsy
  • feminine
  • educated
  • intelligent
  • a musician
  • and so much more! 
So when you speak or act, think about how it will affect other people and their happiness, instead of how it will affect your personal identities and happiness.


  1. Your open mind, empathetic nature, sturdy intellect and attitude of curiosity will continue to shape you, now and in the future. You're such a thoughtful young woman now, I wait to see who you become!

  2. Madalou, I wish that everyone could be more like you.