Monday, November 5, 2012


 Without this guy:

-I would have no health insurance.
-I might not have the right to make decisions about my own body.
-Costs for my education would rise (including interest for my student loans.)

-I would not be treated with equality in the workplace.
-I would be dismissed as one of the "47%" because I do not earn enough in a year to be required to pay taxes.
-Many of my friends and neighbors would not be given the same civil rights as me.
-Many of my fellow Americans would not be treated with the dignity and respect their age and station deserve

I am a loyal American citizen. I want what is best for the people of my country, and I believe that Barack Obama has got my back. He's got yours too, whether you plan to vote tomorrow or not. (But seriously, why not just vote for the guy that cares about you? What's going to happen? Oh, right. You'll get healthcare, equal pay, basic human rights, and a decent education. Bummer.)


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