Saturday, January 22, 2011

Handmade Treasures

During the past few years, I have begun a few sewing projects, but never found the motivation to finish them. This year I was quite successful, partly because as of this past Christmas I have vowed no longer to buy gifts for people. All the work that I put into the handmade gifts for my family and friends is so much more meaningful than the money that I spend on them. These are a few of the things that I made for my family over my winter break. The mittens were one of my mom's Christmas gifts. They are the first mittens I've ever made! I received a candlemaking kit for Christmas, so I've been doing all sorts of candlemaking experiments. The green candle is bayberry scented, and the burgundy candle is unscented.

My dad is modeling his new apron and potholder. The fabric is a bold lobster print that I found in a Maine general store over the summer.

My sister is modeling the heating pillow that I made for her and for my mom out of scraps of fleece and old flannel pajamas. The pillows are filled with rice and lavender or rose petals that I saved from my garden. They can be heated in the microwave for one minute, then used as a neck pillow, or a wrap for sore joints.

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