Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sentiments: A Taste of Living Green

Do you recycle? Absolutely. Recycling is mandatory in my town, but even if it wasn't required, I'd still do my best.

Do you do you laundry with hot or cold water? Cold water. Occasionally I use warm water to deep-clean bedclothes, but only about once a month.

What kind of light bulbs are in your house? I have always used compact florescent or energy efficient bulbs. I also use LED lights whenever possible.

Do you compost? Our family composts nearly everything. We've got three composters for food waste, and at least two for garden debris. I'm sure if we measured it, our weekly compost would amount to more than our weekly garbage for the landfill.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? As a poor college graduate, I had the budget to purchase only a pre-owned car. My personal vehicle is a 1999 Subaru Outback. We live in rural New Hampshire, and unfortunately, there is no public transport. I usually walk when I need to get around town, but if I need a grocery store, a bank, or a pharmacy I have to take my car.

Do you use plastic or reusable bags when grocery shopping? We almost always bring reusable canvas bags when grocery shopping. Occasionally we will run out of bags from home, but I always ask for paper if they need to bag my groceries. That way, we can recycle the paper at home.

What are three ways you conserve energy?
-I limit the frequency of my showers, as well as the length of each shower. With five people in one tiny bathroom, it can run up an energy bill pretty quick!
-Whenever possible, I hang my clothes to dry them. In the summer, I use both the clothesline and my drying rack so that I can dry two loads at a time.
-I walk to work nearly every day. My work is only a block away, so it makes it easy to save gas and the environment.

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