Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Sentiment: Project Wishlist Update

In January, I posted a list of projects that I wanted to accomplish. Now let's check in to see what I've finished this year so far!

  • Mug cozies-- Scandinavian pattern for Lily
  • Fingerless mittens for Ethan
  • Mittens for Daddie Working on it.
  • Cabled headbands
  • Baby sweater with locally farmed, dyed, and spun wool
  • Socks!
  • Fair Isle sweater
  • Sweater with Scandinavian pattern
  • Tablerunner for Momma
  • New potholders-- quilted
  • Quilt for Claire Finished!
  • T-shirt quilt for myself Working on it.
  • New swing dress for Spring semester Finished!
  • Undergarments! for swing dancing, etc. Working on it.
  • More farmer's market bags for Barb, Emily
  • Aprons for myself Finished!
  • Altering of old dresses Finished!
  • Denim skirt Finished!
  • Dog bed for Chessie
  • Rag rug
  • Hooked rug from scraps Working on it.
  • Tin lanterns
  • Cross-stitch finished! Working on it.
  • Seal and label seed packets from last year Finished!
  • Start seedlings for the Spring & Summer-- egg cartons
  • Frame drawings
  • Make more candles-- tapers, columns, and votives
  • Homemade shampoo Finished!
  • New batch of handsoap
Hmmm, it looks as though I'd better get going on my knitting! I think sewing is so much faster for me that I tend to prefer it. But I want to improve my knitting skills, so I ought to start some new projects soon.

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