Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Sentiment: A Reflective Moment

A glimpse into my summer.

Right now, I am...
:: enjoying my tea after a long day outside.
:: watching Momma and Bee (my grandmother) reading newspapers in the living room.
:: smelling the fresh summer breeze that is drifting through the windows of the kitchen.
:: looking forward to sleeping well tonight.
:: wishing for time this week to bake a pie with my fresh-picked wild blueberries!
:: hearing clicking keyboards, crinkling newspapers, the breeze of the fan, and the news on television.
:: feeling tired, but satisfied with my work in the garden today.
:: reminding myself that I have to finish sewing place mats for my future apartment.
:: rejoicing in the discoveries I made yesterday. Wonderful cookbooks dating from the 1920's to the 1960's found at a local yard sale!
:: laughing at our silly dog who rode across the lake today in the kayak, wedged between my legs.
:: being calm. My new Sunday night ritual is to rid myself of negative energy, and meditate to bring positivity to the week ahead.
:: happy to be at home in New Hampshire on this glorious July day.
:: working on a number of projects, most notably quilted place mats to match my Boleslawiec pottery.
:: noticing that I am in the mood for a second cup of tea-- not surprising, but also not a good idea before bedtime.
:: inspired to do so much, and realizing that I have an entire year ahead of me to do it!

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